Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

Daybook 2

For today... February 10,2010
Outside my window... its so cold, dark clouds, but for gods sake its not snowing.

I am thinking... that I should sew something, to finish my bag, but Im so lazy today.

I am thankful for... having a couch underneath my back - it hurts so much.

I am wearing... top, pj trouseers and socks

I am remembering... that I should water my plants.
I am going... nowhere today, still lay arround, play with Amelie and relax. hmm maybe sewing
From the kitchen... meal is finished, washing is done, so nothing more to do there.
I am creating... a new quilt for Amelie, but all still in progress.
I am hoping... that I wont forget anything to take with us, when we drive to grandma on saturday. I should write a list, shouldnt I?
I am hearing... the noise of my loud laptop ventilator and its so disturbing. I need a new laptop for sure.
I am wondering... that it is again quiet in Amelies bed, some minutes ago she was crying, maybe she is sleeping again.

Noticing... how much clothes are waiting for me to get washed until friday evening.
Around the house... only a few cars driving along the street..
I am reading... nothing at the moment only some stitching and sewing to do.
One of my favorite things... peanut flips
From my picture journal - Amelie in the park - 5. August 2009

Hugs Cornelia

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