Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Rainbow Miniquilt

Amelie owns her own little miniquilt on her wall with her name on it, so I thought baby number 2 needs on of course too. And so I decided today to look through my stash and pulled out lots of rainbow fabrics.
Took me some time to sort them, but then I knew what I wanted to sew. And here is the progress from one afternoon.
Dont know yet, how I will finish it, blue and green and brown, to black will follow the next days. And at the bottom I think I will put her name handstitched like Amelies quilt. Not sure yet.

Hugs Cornelia


  1. Hallo Cornelia,
    es ist toll das du mal wieder ein Projekt zeigst. Ich bin schon mal auf das Endergebnis gespannt.
    Wie man rauslesen kann bekommt ihr bald Nachwuchs? Da kann man ja nur gratulieren :-)
    MfG Creativemaman

  2. Na dann Alles Gute für Euch und die Entbindung :-)