Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

Finally back with a wonderful new love!

I know long time no post and it was really long. But I also didnt sewed much. I just started a few weeks ago. And then it happened my sewing machine broke. Stopped working for me. So I did what I wanted to do since 3 years and bought her – the love of my life *G*
Pfaff – Quilt Expression 4.0
And Im totally in love, she is so calm, and sewing is perfectly with her. But hmm maybe she really needs a name. *g* Any suggestions?
I was in the middle of a christmas project for a friend, when my old machine broke. Used this wonderful fabric – Aviary2 by Joel Dewberry. And Im totally in love with it.
But my new machine didnt arrived in time. So the finished cushion will be gifted this saturday, when we are invited for lunch at there home.
The final cushion, in its full glory!
2012-12-27 13.49.49
2012-12-27 10.25.10
And already started a new project – table runner for a really wonderful friend Tanyia
2012-12-26 17.35.562012-12-30 19.25.27
This is how far I got today 1/3 already done. And I really love it.

What happened in the past month?
Yes its true I finished it. Amelies quilt is now handquilting, and totally loved during this winter season, for snuggling on the couch.
I promise this was not a single post and then silence for another year. I have tons of things to catch up. Lots of people asked for tablerunners and cushions, and I also joined a swap.
Hugs Cornelia

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  1. I love how my table runner is looking so far I can NOT wait!!! :) I love Amelie's quilt! I bet she loves that it is finished now!