Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

WIP Wednesday - Plus Tablerunner finished

First I dont know which one makes me more happy lol, that my “Lottie Da” Bundle arrived  or that Im finally engaged. *g*
2013-12-07 07.43.13
New projects:
Plus Tablerunner -– started this one at the weekend, with some wonderful prints my friend Tanyia sent me in summer. And decided on some simple plus design. The present was gifted yesterday, so I can finally reveal the whole project, not just tiny sneak peeks on instagram.
2013-12-08 11.38.34
Quilted one big circle over the whole tablerunner, its a bit wavy now, and I dont know why, but I totally love how it turned out. There will be more of these soon, Im sure.

Finished projects:
2 Babyquilts – finally bound the 2 babyquilts for my kids for christmas.
Ongoing projects:
Starsurround QAL -– cushion top finished, need to sew it together
Friendshipstar Quilt -– nearly half of it already quilted

Plus Cushion (for my mom) - still waiting for fabric to arrive
Woodlandsampler –-  november and december to stitch
Whats planned: 2x Cushion for our home
3x Cushions for my mom

1x Tablerunner for Tanyia
This week’s stats:
Completed projects – 1
New projects – 1
Currently in progress – 6
Total finishes – 6


  1. Congratulations! Now that's exciting!
    Love the look of the two quilts you have made for your girls too.

  2. congratulations on the engagement! and the table runner looks great! and I love the sneak of the baby quilts!

  3. congratulations!
    I love that table runner!

  4. Congratulations!
    Your quilting on the table runner looks fabulous!

  5. beautiful and you got a lot done!! I think we need to see pics though of the finished bound quilts too!

  6. Congratulations on your engagement!! Gorgeous circle quilting!!

  7. Congratulations on the engagement, love the table runner design and quilting.