Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Pattern Give-Away – Win Every Which Way

I already wrote about my new pattern in my WIP Wednesday Post, but I want to show it off again in a separate post. And one lucky winner will have the chance to win the whole pattern.
You can get this pattern in my craftsy store and my etsy store.

I totally love Arrows, and when my oldest daughter asked for a quilt we looked a whole day through different blocks and no one appealed to her. So I sat down and draw what came to my mind, and here is it - Every Which Way. This block will be turned 90 and you get, depending on the placement a wonderful x or o effect.

This pattern includes: easy instructions, coloring sheet, instructions for a pieced quilt top and quilting instructions.

block size: 12

Materials needed:
Crib Size (48 x 60)
* 1/2 yard total green prints
* 1/2 yard total yellow prints
* 1/2 yard total red prints
* 2 1/4 yards white solid for background
* 1/2 yard binding fabric
* 2 2/3 yards backing fabric
* 52 x 64 piece of batting
Lap Size (60 x 72)
* 2/3 yard total green prints
* 2/3 yard total yellow prints
* 1 yard total red prints
* 3 3/8 yards white solid for background
* 1/2 yard binding fabric
* 3 3/8 yards backing fabric
* 64 x 76 piece of batting
Twin Size (72 x 84)
* 1 yard total green prints
* 1 yard total yellow prints
* 1 3/8 yard total red prints
* 5 yards white solid for background
* 1/2 yard binding fabric
* 4 1/2 yards backing fabric
* 76 x 88 piece of batting

No part of this pattern may be copied or reproduced in any form without written consent. Thank you!
Share your finished quilt with me and other quilters. Just share pictures of your finished quilt on instagram with the following hashtag: #cpeverywhichway or #piecedwithlovexoxo

I want to thank all my pattern testers for there hard work, I really appreciate it, hope you had as much fun with the pattern as I had.

And now to the winning part:
I will choose one lucky winner on May 5 via, to win my Every Which Way Pattern. You  have can get up to 4 entries in this give-away, if you wish to.
1) Comment on this blog post.
2) Follow my blog throug Bloglovin, Instagram  and tell me you do so in a separate comment. (optional)
3) Like my facebook fanpage and tell me in a separate entry.  (optional)
4) Share my giveaway on facebook and tell me in a separate entry. (optional)

5) And you can get another chance on MsMidge Blog.

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Love the pattern
    the arrows are so cool

  2. I love this quilt pattern as it is displayed above but also love the potential it has. Arrows are definitely fun - I'll have to see if my eldest would like this.

    1. Lucy, thanks for your participation in my pattern giveaway - you are the lucky winner, but I really cant find your e-mail adress to contact you, can you please shoot me an e-mail at
      cpramendorfer at gmx dot at - so I can forward your prize
      Greetings Cornelia

  3. Really a nice me always changing directions.....grin.

  4. This looks like a fun quilt. 30's fabrics would be great here.

  5. Lovely design! I can see a lot of possible quilts with this one.

  6. Very fun pattern! Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. such a lovely pattern! thanks for the chance to win

  8. Great pattern - I'd love to win a copy!

  9. I love seeing the Quilty softness about it, and this pattern would work great for my grandsons..

  10. Bloglovin follower!.. it would be easier giveaway if you took the word verification off..

  11. shared on FB.. please let me suggest the add on buttons, see my blog and at the end of every post I have the buttons where makes sharing easy, you can get the buttons straight from my site.

    1. oh I totally love the idea, but lol I cant find out how I can get this on my blog, can you help me? or shoot me an email at please

    2. okay I think I figured it out, it looks a bit different than yours, but its there now, thank you so much

  12. Thank you for sharing this pattern. Looks beautiful!

  13. I would love to make a quilt from this pattern

  14. Beautiful pattern! I really would like to win a copy! :-)

  15. lovely pattern! liked on fb, blogger and gfc :) thanks for sharing your pattern!

  16. Gorgeous pattern! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  17. Awesome pattern! Never seen one quite like that. I'd love a chance to win :)

    Emily at