Dienstag, 15. April 2014

Q2 FAL & AYOLF April – Finish #3 – Every Which Way

Finished my very first quilt with my own pattern and couldnt love it anymore. I wanted to take some great outdoor shots, but since weeks the weather is now just rainy, cloudy, windy or something else, thats not great for being outdoors with a new quilt. So I decided to take them later and just do some indoor pics in the kids room. Amelie already loves her quilt, even if its not yet gifted to her.   This quilt is listed here in the Q2 FAL List.

Quilt Stats:
Measurements: 49” x 72”
Fabric: Lottie Da by Heather Bailey
Backing + Binding: Acacia by Tula Pink & Lottie Da by Heather Bailey
Quilting: diagonal lines, stitch in the ditch, outlines,
straight lines to form diamonds



  1. This is lovely--I saw a version of it on Flickr using low volumes instead of white, also lovely--can't wait for the pattern!

    1. thank you Shayla, and Im totally in love with the low volume version my tester made,
      I will put it in the shops, craftsy, etsy 1st of May, so if you follow me in any way (Instagram, Blog) you will see it of course.

  2. This is just beautiful! I love the low volume fabric!