Dienstag, 22. April 2014

WIP Wednesday – Lots Of Quilting Done


Sun is coming out already, Im sure it will be a great day, especially Amelie is going back to kindergarten after a long time illness and more than 1 week easter vacation. And its really a relief to have the normal days back. And totally excited, this evening I will join my first ever guild meeting. Preparing some handbinding stuff to take with me.


Every Which Way Pillow – coordinated pillow to Amelies quilt is nearly finished. First Time I did so much quilting on a project, but the texture is amazing, totally love it. not perfect, especially in the corners, but from far away you wont see it and my little girl already told me it doesnt matter, its beautiful. *g*



Still cant believe it, I finally finished all the quilting on my friendshipstar quilt. Started it more than 4 years ago, finished the top more than 2 years ago and quilted from time to time 1 of the squares. Thought it will never get finished, but the last days I thought I really want to get it done, so I quilted the whole time just on my own quilt and voilá  - finished. Just need to prepare binding today and sew it on.



Starsurround QAL –- cushion top finished, need to sew it together
Once Upon A Time Sampler -– didnt stitch anything, right now in the march block
Whats planned: 2x Cushion for our home
1x Cushions for my mom


Completed projects – 0
New projects – 1
Currently in progress – 3
Total finishes – 12




  1. I am loving the colours and quilting in your Every Which way Pillow.

  2. Wow! The quilting on you pillow is amazing! Your little girl is absolutely right about it being gorgeous!

  3. Holy cow, that quilting looks really cool! It looks like the wedding cake ceilings thy used to have, with the plaster designs. Lovely pillow to be!

    1. thank you, you all make me blush with your nice comments lol

  4. Very nice colours and quilting on your cushion. Congrats on finishing your stars quilt!

  5. Love the quilting on both the pillow and the quilt. The colors for the quilt are just wonderful, my kinda colors!

  6. so proud of you finishing the quilting on your own quilt! <3 It looks beautiful, too!

  7. You're quilting is beautiful! Well done Cornelia!

  8. The quilting on your friendship star is beautiful.

  9. I have to say.... Both of your projects are beautiful. But that quilting in your Every Which Way pillow is superb! Your daughter has great taste! Have a wonderful time at your first ever guild meeting!

  10. Beautiful quilting Cornelia! I have just found you via Instagram and I'm now following you here and there. My eldest child is called Amelia too! She is ten.