Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

Circle Of Geese Pillow – Detailed


I mentioned a few days ago, that I want to show a bit more about my Circle of Geese Pillow I finished this week. It’s far from perfect, but I totally love it. It was the first time since 2 years that I did some paper piecing again, and I really enjoyed the whole process. Great that this pattern is really forgiving aber tiny mistakes, you can easily ad more background if a part is too short, and after quitling, no one will notice it. Also a first for me in quilting pebbles (middle section), they arent too bad like i first thought and on the outside I tried swirls and clams. I thought they would be easier, but I think I just need more practice in free-motion quilting.


The back is just a few leftover scraps from the triangles I used on the front. And I tried my hand on zippers again. Was totally proud that I didnt needed a seam ripper for the first time. It just fits perfectly in.


And a detail shot of my quilted pebbles.

2014-06-13 14.08.08


Pillow: 16” x 16”

Fabric: Sunnyside by Kate Spain

Background: Kona Charcoal

Quilting: Outlines, Pebbles, Clams, Swirls

Pattern: Circle Of Geese (linked to the pattern)



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  1. Hi Cornelia! Your pillow looks great! Very nice quilting too. I've seen a lot of projects with circle of geese popping out and i think it's a very interesting paper piecing to try on. I also wanna thank you for leaving your opinion about my blog during the first week of "new quilt blogger"! I hope you stop by again soon!