Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2014

Our Wedding Day–31st May 2014 – Preparation (picture heavy)

I thought I share some of our wedding pictures here on my blog too. Not all coz this would mean over 700 pictures, but I share some over the next few days. Today I want to show you some pictures from all the preparations before the ceremony. We had 2 photographers, and one was at home with us, photographing all the preparations and was just there for me.


Next time I show you some pictures of our ceremony.


  1. Congratulations! You all look wonderful! :) Best wishes on your journey together

  2. Nice pics! So how is married life? :-)

    1. thank you Vera, and I really have to say there is no difference for me, Daniel took mine and the kids surname, so my life is still totally the same

  3. These are lovely.Your flower girls are so cute, your dress is beautiful, and that picture of the just opened bottle of champagne is awesome!

  4. So pretty! Congrats on your big day :)