Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten

Summer holidays have now started for us too, officially 3 weeks ago, but Kindergarten has a holiday program and now 3 weeks off until it starts again. Sadly I totally forgot to take a picture at the beginning of this kindergarten year from Amelie, but I took some yesterday with my kids, and they turned out really cute. 

I looked up Amelies first Kindergarten pictures, and she was just the cutest, totally have to share. And Im totally happy that I finally can take beautiful pics of my oldest daughter again. It was really hard the last month to get a smiling picture, most time it was a horrible fake grin, like a monster, lol. But now she seems comfortable again, to get photographed everyday. 

5th September 2012                                                        18th July 2014

Some more pictures I took yesterday of my girls. Enya is already so big, she will start kindergarten in september too. Time is flying too fast. 

A few more pictures of our week:

Wish you all a nice sunny weekend.


  1. Why wasn't Amelie smiling, does she need some happy mail? Hugs to you.

    1. Amelie is rarely smiling, Im already happy if she isnt making horrible faces, and looks like a normal girl on pics lol, this horrible wide fake grin she had for a few month now, Im glad it seems to be gone now