Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

WIP Wednesday – Cuteness Overload (long post)


Last week I was busy introducing myself for the 2014 New Bloggers Blog Hop, so I skipped WIP Wednesday, but this week Im back. A little bit more to show this week, if you dont mind.

I have a question, maybe there are some cross stitchers out there. I drafted a cross stitch design, also found some programs, to do it with. But I would need a program, that can save my chart as a .jpg or .pdf and until now I havent found one. So maybe you could recommend me one please.


Our Little Miss Ida is already 9 month old, can crawl perfectly and so damn fast lol, pulls herself up everywhere, and wants to walk the whole time with mommy - so not long and she will be everywhere.


2014-07-12 10.58.572014-07-06 18.46.34

With a really sad heart I had to bring my sewing machine back to the shop, coz of horrible tension issues, they sent her immediately to service, and now the horrible long waiting time begins. maybe 3 weeks, and then Im on vacation, so this is quite long for me. Luckily, my grandma gave me a few month ago her 12 year old brother sewing machine, she never really used it, and she works perfectly. So Im sewing on her right now, just have to wait with my free-motion-quilting projects. But the rest is just fine on her.

Happy Mail:

2014-07-09 09.25.40

I totally love happy mail days, like you already know, and this was one of the best ones. Love to design in EQ7 still a lot to learn, but Im getting there.



Released yesterday my new mini quilt pattern on craftsy - free for you all. You can read more about it, in this post.


2014-07-05 10.22.33

They are already well used since 2 weeks, and we both love to sleep on our new pillow cases, they are totally soft.



2014-07-12 08.26.21

Plus Quilt - Since a really long time I want to make a plus quilt. So I pulled out the bright and happy Hothouse Flowers Bundle by Mo Bedell, and I will do a plus quilt for my little daugther. Still need to cut a ton more white solids.


2014-07-13 15.51.39

Sweet Tooth - The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery released another cute little pattern, and I just had to grab it, hope to make it into a little pouch or wall hanging – havent decided yet.


2014-07-13 12.22.45

Kira - Got a bit more done on my “Kira – the kangaroo” Doll, and found the perfect wooden yarn bowl at IKEA. I just love such decoration stuff.

2014-07-11 15.51.06

Caravan Pillow–- just finished the paper piecing on my caravan, but now it has to wait till I get my machine back and then I will turn it into a cute pillow for my dad.

Double Bed Quilt ––- still on the waiting list

Every Which Way Pillow #2 - finished, just need to take some pictures

Friendshipstar Quilt - is finished (just need to photograph it)

Starsurround QAL - cushion top finished, need to sew it together

Once Upon A Time Sampler -– started Mai block     



Completed projects – 2

New projects – 2

Currently in progress – 9

Total finishes – 13




  1. Ida is soo adorable! I love EQ7, it is so helpful to have an idea that what I am thinking in my head is actually going to work when I sew :) Can't wait to see your plus top. I'm just finishing up a plus top. Once the cutting was done, it has been super quick to sew the top, will finish it this morning :)

    1. thank you, Judy, Im still trying to figure things out, Im the person that doesnt starts with easy stuff, I had a complicated design to do on it, so I went with it, and nearly freaked out coz I couldnt get it to work the way I thought it would be done lol, 2 days later I figured it out lol - thats just me haha

      just looked at your plus top, mine will be a bit different, not like your with plus to the next plus, mine will have white background in between, - hubby wanted it to be this way, the other version was too busy he said *g*
      and damn your quilting is stunning

  2. Little Miss Ida is very very cute.:)) So much to look at here, but I wanted to say something about the paper pieced caravan block, I love it so much! It will indeed make a nice pillow.:)

    1. thank you Maryse, Im totally addicted right now to paper piecing, if there wouldnt be this mess lol

  3. Yay, nice projects. I like your pull for plus quilt.

  4. What beautiful projects... ALL! And a gorgeous little girl who is 'on the move'! Thank goodness for your grandma and her 'new to you' sewing machine. Lovely post!

    1. thank you Lorna, yes im really happy that I have the sewing machine now, cant imagine to be without my quilting stuff for weeks

  5. Cornelia, I use PC Stitch for making charts. It certainly is not the only charting program available, but it has worked ok for me. There are other charting programs out there, maybe others will know of them. PC Stitch comes in both a simple version and a professional version. Hope that helps.

    1. thank you, Joan, do you know if PC Stitch, has the option, to save as .pdf or .jpg? coz I cant read anything about the save as option online

  6. How do you get so much done with little children? I'm so impressed by your productivity.

    1. oh thank you Kaja, but my oldest is in kindergarten till late afternoon, and the other two just play beside me in the living room, with their toys, naps in between, of course we have play and cuddle time too, but when they behave i sit down stitch/sew/design - with lots of interruptions in between of course. *g*

  7. I have a Viking Sewing machine, one of the add-on items is the 5D system with x-stitch. Other than that I buy patterns. Great finishes this week

  8. That caravan is just too cute!

  9. wow, you have been so busy! I really like that caravan block!