Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

WIP Wednesday – So many finishes (long post)


Yesterday was another happy mail day, but not fabric this time. My wool arrived to finish my “Kira” the kangaroo doll and do a few of the other laylala dolls.

 2014-07-01 19.31.13



Caravan Paper Piecing –- I started my next paper piecing project 2 days ago, and nearly finished all tiny bits, but then I had to stop coz I got a major headache and I just had to lay down. But tomorrow I had a sewing day over at a lovely friends house. Im impressed we even found time to sew with all 6 kids together, but they behaved really well and so I got nearly my whole caravan finished.

2014-06-29 19.48.21

2014-07-01 16.01.09pattern by Quilt Art Design



Paper Piecing –- Started this cute Flower Pot Pattern “Hello Spring” by Charise Creates, last week and totally loved it, how easy it was. My second paper piecing project and Im already addicted to it.

 2014-06-26 20.06.38

Since a long time now I wanted to make one of these pouches by noodlehead, but not sure I just wasnt thinking really logical lol, coz after cutting the corners, I immediately knew I did something really stupid. Yes now I have the flower pot on the bottom. Its just for me so I dont mind, the pouch is still the cutest I have ever made, and really really big. Now I can fit in all my sewing notions when I go on my guild meeting.

 2014-06-27 12.20.45Pattern by Charise Creates


Summer Sparkler - I totally love all those cross stitch patterns by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and had to stitch it immediately when I saw it, its just the cutest. Even Im not American, I loved it, it will go into a miniquilt for my lovely friend Tanyia.

2014-06-28 14.53.39

Key Fobs –- I also tried my hand on some key fobs. The first one was a bit too soft, so I made another one with a more stiff batting and I love it, its already on my keys.

2014-06-28 19.54.09

Dresden Pillow -– My mom requested another pillow in the colorway she already got a few things. This are not my colors, definitely not, but I have to say I really like this pillow now.



Chrun Dash Pillow Case -– Just the top done

Cassette Pillow Case (for Hubby) –- finished the top yesterday

Double Bed Quilt ––- still on the waiting list

Every Which Way Pillow #2 - finished, just need to take some pictures

Friendshipstar Quilt - is finished (just need to photograph it)

Starsurround QAL - cushion top finished, need to sew it together

Once Upon A Time Sampler -– started Mai block      

“Kira” Corchet Doll –- Body is finished, just had to wait for more wool to arrive



Completed projects – 4

New projects – 5

Currently in progress – 8

Total finishes – 11



  1. How exciting to have so many finishes! They are all looking so wonderful

    1. thank you so much, Im totally excited that I got so much done, okay all small finishes, but I dont mind

  2. Man man man, so viele Sachen auf einmal, schön. Ich finde den Camper genial!!!

    1. danke schön Aylin, ja mir gefällt der camper auch total gut, bin schon gespannt wie er fertig aussieht und hoffentlich gefällt er meinem Papa

  3. Pretty projects Cornelia! I especially like your caravan :)

  4. I think your pouch is delightful; not seeing the flowerpot at first glance isn't a problem, it adds a little mystery. Just keep the pouch shut at guild meetings; everyone is sure to want to see the bottom!
    Your Mum's cushion matches my dining room lamp - 40 years old this month! LOL.

    1. i love the pouch, when I was finished I was a bit mad at myself, for the pot, but now I dont mind, she is really beautiful

      and for the cushion, what does this say about my moms color taste lol

  5. You sure have been incredibly busy! Love those paper pieced projects, Cornelia. And your summer sparkler stitching looks fantastic!

    1. thank you so much Lorna, yes I got quite a lot done this week

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  6. That paper pieced camper is too cute! Wow that is a lot of little pieces. Wonderful stuff getting made!

  7. You are one busy girl! Love the caravan, and flower pot and the bag is great... I love the placement of the flower - just right. Keep on making - I love stopping in here.