Freitag, 22. August 2014

Quilt Show n’ Tell – August 22nd

It’s finally here, our very first “Quilt Show n’ Tell”. Tanyia @DomesticDeficitDisorder and me are searching the whole week through flickr, instagram and pinterest, to look at your wonderful creations. Each of us is choosing six favorites and showing them on our blog. To see the six projects Tanyia picked, head over to her blog.
1) Texas Road Trip Quilt by Shauna 2) French Knots by Entropy Always Wins 3) Reflected Textures Pillow by Jess Frost         4) Crosses by Wooden Spoon 5) New York Beauty by Jennfortuna 6) Triangles by Dutch Comfort

All pictures are linked back to their original owner, so head over and leave them some love. If you dont want to be featured on my blog, please dont hesitate to let me know and I will remove it.


  1. Hey Cornelia, what a wonderful idea! I love how all six projects you picked go together so well. Everything's beautiful!

  2. Thank you for including my crosses with all of these beautiful quilts!