Sonntag, 31. August 2014

Vacation Recap – August 7 to 17


This post took me longer than I expected, It was planned to go live after being home again, but then we got all ill, so it had to wait a bit longer, but finally here is it. Just a little showcase of our lovely vacation with the grandparents. Sadly it was raining 7 out of 10 days, but we made the best out of it. We were hiking, the kids met their aunt and uncle and had a fabulous time with them.


*horrible start for this vacation, i thought it was nice to ditch to the guard railing on the highway, glad it was early in the morning and we were the only drivers there, if not it would have ended horrible – glad nothing more happened – was so shocked afterwards. * finally there and the kids started exploring * grandma teached Amelie a new craft * Ida loved unpacking mommys nail polish. *


* first time in the swimming pool, they had a lot of fun in there*


* campfire cooking, it was so yummy * little bit shopping in the mall * and enya totally loves to clean the dishes *


* Im so glad I took all the rain stuff with us, for this wet weather, Ida looks so cute in it * Enya eating pudding, okay it looks more like the pudding is eating her * Amelie and grandma made a yummy fruit cake *


* Enya is just the cutest, always making funny things* Ida is one happy little girl, she really enjoyed this camping vacation, and being outside the whole time *


* blowing bubbles with daddy * Enyas face is just so funny, and yes she was really eating it, most of the time *


* the kids drawing with chalk on the street and daddy watching them *


* picking daddy up at the train station, coz he couldnt come earlier * the best about eating running sushi, were all the sweets afterwards * we got our first “loom bandz” stuff, and really enjoyed them * not the best end of the day, grandma had a car accident, and was really exhausted *


* Enya loves to sit in the car * finally driving home * totally love that they always fall asleep so fast – calm and quiet ride home * love my country and the mountains *

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