Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

Daybook 4

For today... February 24 ,2010

Outside my window...
its grey and grey and cold but no snow

I am thinking... that its much too early for waking up, its 7am

I am thankful for... being home again.

I am wearing... pj

I am remembering... that Im still ill and I hate it.
I am going... nowhere today, only laying on my couch, rest, and maybe stitch something.
From the kitchen... nothing, only water is cooking.
I am creating... lots of things at the same time, easter present for my swappartner, Amelies quilt and finishing 2 other quilts
I am hoping... that I will get healthy soon, so that I can start working again on my things.
I am hearing... only my laptop ventilator and michael who is also ill.
I am wondering... why Amelie woke me up to go playing, when she only will be awake for 5 minutes and then wants back in her bed - crazy

Noticing...that Im so tired
Around the house... only some cars driving to work
I am reading... still nothing, only lots of stitching
One of my favorite things... of course my couch and warm tea
From my picture journal - Amelie with Daddy in august in the park

Hugs Cornelia

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