Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

WIP Wednesday

Totally late today with this post, but i had today a doc appt. and had to do this yucky glucose test. It took me half of the day there. not to mention how awful this thing tastes lol.
Anyway I did quite a lot this week.
Ongoing projects:
Woodlandsampler -– May finally stitched, one more to go, to be up to date

Enyas Trianglequilt –- decided to do it a bit different, added her inital letter between those triangles, this is only about 1/4 of the whole design, its the left part, there will follow more triangle to the bottom, about 7 more and then on the right side, will be an arrow pointing to top and then more triangles.
And a ton more triangles laying around and waiting to get pieced.
2013-06-11 12
No progress:
My own quilt (6 done of 54 stars) – Friendshipstarquilt

Whats planned:
2x Cushion for our home
Wallhanging with name on it for little one

This week’s stats:
Completed projects – 0
New projects – 1
Currently in progress – 3
Total finishes – 2

Finally a pic of little Enya, she loves Tanyias quilt so much, thinks its a blanket to cuddle, and takes it the whole time of the table lol



  1. Hi Cornelia! I was so happy to see your post in the WIP linky party! This quilt is absolutely adorable, and I CANNOT wait to see how it all turns out<3

    I'm stopping by from the WIP Wednesday linky party, this is my WIP post if you wannt drop by my blog: Keep Creating!

  2. I <3 your pink triangle quilt!! How perfect and sweet.

  3. Gnomes and pink they are my favorites. Pretty!

  4. heya hunnie... love everything so far <3

  5. I love the triangles! this quilt is going to be stunning.