Montag, 8. Juli 2013

Finish-A-Long Q3

I will ad just 2 quilts! I dont want to ad too much, that I cant complete in this timeframe. And I really want this 2 finished till October 1, 2013. Its the first time Im joining this, so I really hope I can finishe at least one.´
DSC_0273 4
1. Triangle Quilt -– for my little one Enya. I just started it about a month ago, but since I dont know how to finish it the best way. Its waiting now for me since 2 weeks.
2. Friendshipstar Quilt -– my very own quilt – waiting now since 2 years for being quilted, started quilting a few month ago, but Im only 1/9 done, so not much.


  1. Love the name Enya (and the group) and your Friendship Star Quilt is gorgeous, these will be lovely finishes, good luck.

    1. thank you, everyone is talking about the group, I havent heard of it until Enya was born and everyone told me *g*
      and yes i hope to finish the star quilt, 1 square takes me about 1 hour to quilt with all this pushing around.

  2. Such a pretty quilt! Enjoy your quilting ; )

  3. I love the bright pink in your triangle quilt, and Enya is such a pretty name! :-) good luck!