Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2014

WIP Wednesday -

Wish you all a Happy New Year in 2014!
New projects:
Heart Weddingquilt –- My wedding will be end of may, it will just become a wallhanging size. Got inspired by a lovely quilt from v&co. Sketched it up and added our letters.
those hsts are a bit smaller than 2”, the colors are totally off, Im sorry,  on the second pic you can see the letters I include “C + D”
Right now I have a bit more progress, started already with the heart, but no picture taken yet.
2013-12-22 11.17.112013-12-23 11.18.47
Finished projects:
Plus Cushion –- for my mom (this was finished before christmas, but I was ill last Wip wednesday)
Ongoing projects:
Starsurround QAL -– cushion top finished, need to sew it together
Friendshipstar Quilt -– nearly half of it already quilted
Woodlandsampler –-  november and december to stitch

Whats planned:
2x Cushion for our home
1x Cushions for my mom
1x Tablerunner for Tanyia

This week’s stats: Completed projects – 0
New projects – 1
Currently in progress – 4
Total finishes – 0


  1. Awesome work on those HSTs! The smaller they get the more difficult it is to line the points up, so my hat is off to you. Can't wait to see the finished result!

    1. thank you, they seams are a bit thick right now, but its still working and I hope it will be beautiful at the end - and I measured them again, finished the HSTs are 1.25 inch

  2. Happy new year to you. I love your header!

    1. Happy New Year too Carla, and this Header is quite old, think about 2 years, Im just too lazy to make a new one