Dienstag, 18. März 2014

WIP Wednesday – Happy Kids

This is how I sew when little Ida is awake and wont play with herself. Im sure she loves sewing with me. Straight Line quilting is great with her, can do this, but when I do FMQ and she is laying beside me, she always pulls the quilt lol
Fresh Start:
Chevron pouch -– Like promised last week, I did another pouch, and while I was working on it, little Enya already knew what it will be in the end and got totally excited. It was much faster finished, than the first one, and my binding and lining is now far better, did handbinding on this one. When I was finished, Enya already claimed it for herself, lol I thought its for both kids for there pencils, but Enya decided its just hers. So I gave in and Amelie got the bigger pouch I made last week. So I have now 2 happy kids and no pouch for mommy. *g*

Once Upon A Time Sampler -– Not the best pictures shown, Im sorry, but this is my current progress on the cute sampler by The Frosted Pumpking Stitchery – January is totally finished and so cute with all the Snow White stuff on it, already started february with the frog prince.
2014-03-18 13.51.20
Every Which Way (for Amelie using Lottie Da) –- Kona white arrived finally, and I made 6 more blocks, with different colors this time and totally love it how its coming along, half-way done now; next blocks already cut, and ready to sew together

Starsurround QAL -– cushion top finished, need to sew it together
Friendshipstar Quilt -– nearly half of it already quilted

Whats planned: 2x Cushion for our home
1x Cushions for my mom
Completed projects – 1
New projects – 1
Currently in progress – 4
Total finishes – 7



  1. How you quilt with a wee darling right there on your lap, is amazing !! I find it just so difficult to do straight line quilting (& that's with no extra kiddy input !! ) Your little treasure will definetly have heaps of lovely quilting memories!! and... I love your "every which way" quilt. Linda

    1. thank you, I have to say at the beginning was hard, but some practice and it works quite fine, it will get a bit better when she can sit on her own im sure, but I love sewing and Im happy to sew each day, and if this is the only way to accomplish it, I do it *g*