Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

WIP Wednesday – Stitching Pouch


Just one more week, till we go camping with my mom and dad, and visiting some other relatives, we havent seen, since a long time. The kids already look forward, to all this wonderful outdoor time. And Im just writing lists and lists, oh and lists, so I wont forget anything. Seems neverending.

But now to some sewing stuff, I didnt got much done. Its far too hot to sew over here, same in the evening. But when little Ida yesterday pulled all my stitching supplies down, I knew something had to be done. It was on a spot that was save before, but now she can walk along the couch, around the table, and grab everything she reaches. So I decided to make another pouch and fighting against the heat. (The iron wasnt much help either. *g*)


2014-07-30 07.14.08

Stitching pouch - For a few weeks I didnt really knew what to do with all these cute stitching samplers I had done from the frosted pumpkin stitchery. But then I had the idea to include them in my quilting projects, for me a first, but I totally love the result. Now I need one for all my craft stuff *g*

2014-07-29 17.46.22

This is the whole front before sewing it together, those little hour glass blocks are 3/4 inch. So tiny. but so cute.

Fabrics used: Heirloom by Joel Dewberry


2014-07-29 15.40.39

Key Fob - Did a few more key fobs, the one above will be for my dad. Also hubby got one. And the tutorial is already photographed, need just a bit time to put it together.


2014-07-26 17.26.36

Secret Project - I thought I show you a little climpse on what I worked the last week. I lost nearly all my nerves with these different blocks, but in the end it worked, how it should. I just need to order a lot more Kona Snow, to put the whole top together. And for the big reveal, you have to wait a few more month.

Home Sweet Home - Designed some cute houses in a street, and already started it. Already a bit further, but havent taken another picture yet.

Caravan Pillow–- just finished the paper piecing on my caravan, but now it has to wait till I get my machine back and then I will turn it into a cute pillow for my dad.

Double Bed Quilt -– Fabric arrived finally.

Every Which Way Pillow #2 - finished, just need to take some pictures

Friendshipstar Quilt - is finished (just need to photograph it)

Starsurround QAL - cushion top finished, need to sew it together

Once Upon A Time Sampler -– started Mai block         

Plus Quilt -– did a few more blocks, but still a lot to do

Kira –- still missing 1 arm and the baby  



Completed projects – 2

New projects – 1

Currently in progress – 10

Total finishes – 15


  1. I know what you mean by hot. It has been slow in my house as well but it cooled down a bit so I'm finally making some progress :) Your pouch is lovely.

  2. Your pouch is too cute! I stitch more when it is hot here (and it is HOT) because going outside is just no fun! Have a wonderful time camping :)

  3. Love the new pouch, Cornelia. Especially like that you incorporated your stitching and those cute little hourglass blocks. Nice job!

  4. Glad to hear that you were able to make your block work from last week! Secret projects are hard to keep secret, aren't they! :)