Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

Relaxing week


Amelie is on vacation this week, so we did a major clean and declattering in the kids and living room. Its always a lot of work, but totally worth the end result. This week was just relaxing and mostly stay at home, coz of the enormous heat outside.


* Date Night at home with hubby, we cooked together and drank the bottle champagner we got from my grandma at our wedding. * The kids are never happy if I close the gate in the kitchen, when Im baking. * Miss Enya loves to arrange my scrap bin, while Im sewing *


*sister cuddle time * the tiniest ice cone I have ever seen, and so yummy * she loves to wear her backpack and playing kindergarten, already so happy to join kindergarten in september*


* Quilt Now magazine arrived, and Daniel grabbed it before I could * yummy fruit dinner * seems everyone loves my new magazine, enya is looking through it everyday and tells me, what beautiful fabric in there is – yeah I know, sadly I cant buy them all * Enya loves aurifil thread, always happy when a new one arrives and she can unwrap them and put them in the aurifil board * bed time story – Ida is totally addicted to them, no crawling or anything, just sitting there and listening to daddy while reading *


Wish you a happy weekend!


  1. My Hubby used to embellish on the bedtime stories - doing funny voices and making the sounds of the stories. They loved Burt Dow Deep Water Man by Robert McCloskey I think. We made it into a video for our grandkids when they were little. They all lived so far away.
    Love the pic of your Hubby reading the quilt mag! LOL gave me quit the chuckle. Thanks for that, too.

    1. Oh, Terri, thats really funny, wish mine would do this too. The kids would love it. But I stay away from the kids room, when bed story time is, coz hubby is reading so many names wrong, that Im always close to interrupting him lol, cant stand this haha.
      He loves my mags, I unwrapped it and he snagged it to flick through, most time he looks at sewing machines in there, the longarm ones. Or tells me if he likes a quilt in there.