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Featuring August Queen Bee – One Wee Bird

At the beginning of August I joined my first ever bee group, the “Compass Quilters”. We took this name coz we are placed all over the world, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Austria & Italy. Each month I want to feature our queen bee and let her answer a few questions about her quilting life.
Our August queen bee is Rebecca @One Wee Bird and she choosed the “Humming Bird” block, by Rita @Red Pepper Quilts. Im totally low at low volume fabrics, so I used every thing could find in my small stash. And Im more than pleased with the result. such an easy and fast block.
So are my 2 finished 10 1/2” blocks.
2014-08-04 13.07.49
And now its time for Rebecca to answer a few questions, about her quilting journey.

1) When did you start quilting?
I started quilting about 12 years ago and am self taught, as in I've never been to a class, simply because there weren't any available at the time locally. I was an avid cross stitcher and then moved onto also making handmade Bears out of Mohair.....I obviously had alot of free time way back then.My boys were all little and I didn't work so naptime and evenings were spent furiously hand stitching, then I found quilting and a whole new monster was unleashed into my life!
2) What other hobbys beside quilting, do you have?
None now really, except gardening ...there simply are not enough hours in the day with a toddler and teenage boys and a job LOL
3) What is your favourite color?
Turquoise....but if you looked in my wardrobe it would be black?
4) Which season do you like best, and why?
I have two actually, Spring and Autumn. Where I live it is quite mild temperature wise, we can get up to 30 degrees Celsius in the middle of Summer but in Winter it rarely dips below 5.
So in the Spring and Autumn we have the most beautiful cloudless days with crisp air and amazing flowers in the Spring and gorgeous leaf changes in the Autumn.
5) What is your favorite color? Which one do you use the most in your quilting projects?
I had to think about this one, although my favourite colour is Turquoise and I've made quite a few quilts for my wee one that feature it, the colour I use most is White.
But my favourites are really the sherbet combinations,pink/orange/turquoise/lemon...thats why I loooove Kaffe Fassett's paperweight in lime
6) Your favorite quilting project/quilt?
That's like asking which is my favourite child? Each one I make becomes my new favourite, but I've really noticed that since Mr OWB passed this year it's definitely the ones he favoured or passed a comment about that I've become quite partial to.
He really like some of the eye popping bright ones like my Sarah Fielke Stars
and Sea Stars, which is still on our bed but starting to fade a little
and he also picked the border for this one
What I want to know is, will I get to the end of my Quilty bucket list before I am smothered in Quilts!!???
7) Tell us something about you, we dont already know.
OOOh there are lots of things but do I want to share my weirdness (as my boys say...I like to think I'm quirky)
My great great Uncle was Roald Amunsden who beat Scott to the Pole, I can remember friends and relatives phone numbers from 30+ years ago...weird, can't always tell you today's date!! I'm 5ft 3" and the tallest of the females in my family (2 sisters and mum) and I have a slight OCD issue with vacuuming....I have been known to vacuum more than twice a day.
I also know the lyrics to far too many songs from the fifties and sixties....I blame my parents for obviously not playing the right decade's music when I was growing up!!

Thank you so much for taking the time Rebbeca and answering my questions, and I really hope you enjoy the blocks I sent you.

~ Cornelia

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