Montag, 11. August 2014

Quilt Design A Day – July 8 to 14

I want to show you my second week with “Quilt Design A Day”, some of them are a bit complex and some look really weird. But I dont mind, coz I really enjoy the design process. I still dont do them every day. Some days I think of catching up on my design seeds, but there is just no inspiration, and I quit without saving what I design. And then waiting some days and everything goes smoothly on its own. One design after the other, with a lot I really love and also would love to see made into quilts.
Bracelet, July 8

Captain America, July 9 (named by QDAD member)

no name, July 10


no name, July 11
wall decor, July 12
Doors, July 13
Pencils in sweaters, July 14

From this week I love the most, the bracelets, doors, and pencils in sweaters.

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