Samstag, 2. August 2014

Weekly Recap – We got inked!


Yes we really did it! I cant believe it yet, I always thought I never will do, but a few month before our wedding we decided to get inked afterwards. 2 month after our wedding day, we decided on this saying: “ to infinity and beyond”. And when you get the first you get addicted, totally strange, but Im already planning the next one.


Part1*Lately Ida is totally happy when her dad makes fun with her. * Ida got her big car seat, and was totally excited to see now more while driving. * Enya wasnt really in smiling mood, maybe just too tired. *


* playing in the backyard of friends * grocery shopping with all three kids – yeah what fun * Ida was so great when we got inked – well behaved *


And Im most proud this week of my blooming orchid. You have to know Im a huge plant killer, they never live long. I got this orchid last autumn from hubby and after she lost her blossoms, I really was sure, thats it. But a few weeks ago I saw the first tiny buds and starting hoping that they grow. And they did. Yesterday the first one opened, and she is so beautiful. Maybe Im getting a green thumb, who knows.

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