Montag, 4. August 2014

Quilt Design A Day – July 1 to 7

When Anne @Play Crafts posted about Quilt Design A Day about 3 month ago, I immediately joined the facebook group. Totally impressed by the wonderful creations they came up each day from the daily  Design Seed inspiration pictures.
I was just there to look at the wonderful designs, far too shy to post anything. Until Amy @ Badskirt told us to just go ahead and show our creations. And thats when it all started.
Normally the challenge is to sit down each day for about 15 to 20 minutes and get inspired by one of the two Design Seed inspirations. It worked for me a few days and then I had a big break. But I thought all of this was an amazing idea to get creative and try different styles, so I started to play catch up with the designs. From now on I will show you each monday my designs I created in photoshop or EQ7. Some days Im totally in love with my creations, and want to sew them up, on other days, I can draw around, but wont be happy with the endresults.
My favorite design was on July 2nd, and I loved it so much, that it will be sewn up in the next month. I know you are curious, but be patient. I will show it when its finished.
Bow Tie, July 1. (really not my colors)

Popsicles, July 3.

Black Widow, July 3.


Fireworks, July 4.
Ice cream molecules, July 4. (named by Anne)

S’mores, July 5.

Pralines, July 6.

Waves, July 7.

From this week I love most, Black Widow & Pralines.
And you always can join us, it’s so much fun there.


  1. I have seen a lot of quilt design a day information, and I always wonder if anyone actually makes the quilts they design. I am really excited you will be making one of yours, and I look forward to seeing it! :)

    1. I know a few designs from the group that already made it into pillows or miniquilts,
      mine will be a big quilt for a magazine, so it will be a few month until I can show
      but I already have a few more ideas sketched out