Samstag, 9. August 2014

Chasing Posies – Throw Pillow Tutorial

I thought while I’m on vacation, I can bring you a tutorial for my brand new “Chasing Posies” pillows, I created last week as presents for my grandma and her sister.
What you will need:

5 different prints (of course you can make just solids too or mix them up)
Coordinating thread
Batting and backing for quilting
Basting pins or spray
20” pillow form
Rotary cutter, quilt ruler, scissors, pins, pencil, fabric marking pen

Cutting Instructions:
5x 4.5” squares from A, C, D
6x 4.5” squares from B, E
2x 4” squares from E
1x 4” square from B
Step 1:
Pair 2 B’s with 2 E’s, then randomly pair all the rest so that no two are the same. Then mark your squares diagonal on the back. And sew two 1/4” lines on both sides of the marked line (pictured underneath).

Step 2:
After sewing, cut your squares apart on the marked line. Press your seams open, or to one side (whatever you prefer). Then trim all your HST’s to 4”.
Step 3:
Lay out your HST’s and the squares like pictures below.
Step 4:
Now sew your HST’s & squares together row by row. For this step I photographed my layout, so I would remember where I placed which fabric and then I pinned all 5 HSTs (or squares) in each row together.
Step 5:
Sew your rows together.
Step 6:
Make a quilt sandwhich and quilt your pillow front as desired. I echo quilted my first pillow (shown in the top pic on the left) and quilted straight lines on my second pillow (shown in the top pic on the right).
Step 7:
Finish your pillow with a 20” backing and a zipper on the bottom.
PillowTutorial_back2014-08-04 15.00.03
Step 8:
Enjoy and snuggle with your new throw pillow on your couch.

I love to see what you whip up with my tutorial. Please share on Instagram or Flickr #piecedwithlovexoxo
~ Cornelia

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